WASender – Whatsapp server and bulk sender (SAAS)

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CR7 – Based on your description of WASender, here’s a structured and concise overview to help potential users understand the features and benefits of using WASender as their WhatsApp marketing platform.

Overview of WASender:

WASender is a robust WhatsApp marketing platform engineered using Laravel and Node.js, designed to help businesses leverage the popularity of WhatsApp. With over 2 billion active users globally, WhatsApp offers a powerful medium for businesses to reach and engage with their audience effectively.

Key Features of WASender:

  1. Multi-Device Support: Users can create multiple devices for sending messages to targeted audiences.
  2. Chatbot Automation: Enables the creation of chatbots for automated responses, enhancing customer interaction without constant manual input.
  3. Bulk Messaging: Send messages in bulk with options for plain text, templates, button messages, list messages, and location messages, catering to diverse marketing needs.
  4. Contact Management: Includes a contact book and template saving modules for repeated use, simplifying contact management and message deployment.
  5. Scheduled Messaging: Allows users to schedule messages for automatic delivery at predetermined times.
  6. Comprehensive Dashboard: Clean and user-friendly dashboard for both regular users and administrators, providing a clear overview of activities and features.
  7. Subscription and Payment: Supports over 10+ automatic payment gateways and unlimited offline payment options with advanced subscription modules.
  8. Extensive Admin Features: Manage plans, orders, customers, and more with an informative dashboard. Features also include blog management, role-based multi-admin access, and customizable SEO settings.
  9. Security and Customization: Offers high security with XSS protection, alongside a fully customizable script that includes webhooks and API creation modules.
  10. Responsive Design: Ensures that the platform is accessible on various devices, maintaining a consistent and user-friendly interface.
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Technical Requirements:

  • Node Js v16 or higher
  • Minimum server memory (RAM) of 2GB+

Access Details:


  • Note: For new users, all permissions are enabled for testing purposes.

Site Features Include:

  • SEO friendly pages
  • Fully responsive design ensuring accessibility on all devices
  • Blogs and custom pages for enhanced user engagement
  • Comprehensive FAQ section for user support

WASender stands out as a highly capable and adaptable solution for businesses looking to optimize their WhatsApp marketing strategies. Its extensive range of features ensures that companies can manage their communications efficiently, automate responses, and track engagement through a single, intuitive platform.

For more information and to get started, visit WASender Home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for WASender

1. What is WASender?

  • WASender is a WhatsApp marketing platform built with Laravel and Node.js, designed to help businesses engage with their customers through automated and bulk messaging features on WhatsApp.

2. What are the system requirements for WASender?

  • WASender requires Node Js v16 or higher and a server with a minimum of 2GB+ RAM.

3. Can I send messages to multiple users at once?

  • Yes, WASender supports bulk messaging. You can send messages to multiple users at once using plain text, templates, or custom-designed messages such as button messages and list messages.

4. How can I create a chatbot with WASender?

  • WASender allows you to create chatbots that can automatically reply to messages based on predefined triggers and responses. This feature is accessible through the user panel where you can set up and customize your chatbot’s behavior.
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5. What kind of payment methods does WASender support?

  • WASender supports over 10 automatic payment gateways and unlimited offline payment methods for subscribing to various service plans.

6. How do I install WASender on my server?

  • WASender includes a web installer that guides you through the installation process in GUI mode. Simply follow the instructions provided by the installer after uploading the WASender files to your server.

7. Is there a free trial or demo available for WASender?

  • For new users, WASender enables full access to all features for testing purposes. For ongoing use, you may need to subscribe to one of the premium plans.

8. What types of messages can I send with WASender?

  • With WASender, you can send various types of messages including plain text, template messages, button messages (iOS and web), list messages (iOS and web), and location messages.

9. Can I schedule messages to be sent at a later time?

  • Yes, WASender includes a message scheduling feature that allows you to plan and send messages at specified times.

10. What kind of support does WASender offer? – WASender provides comprehensive support through an in-built support module in the admin panel. Users can also receive alerts via email before their subscription expires, and there is a dedicated support team available 24/7.

11. How does the QR-based device login work? – The QR-based device login feature allows users to easily authenticate and connect their devices by scanning a QR code. This simplifies the process of linking multiple devices for message sending.

For any additional questions or support, please refer to the documentation provided with your purchase or contact our support team directly through the admin panel.

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WASender – Whatsapp server and bulk sender (SAAS)

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