Manage Your Digital Invitation Business with WeddingSaaS: The All-in-One Membership Plugin

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CR7 – Simplify your digital invitation business with WeddingSaaS. This membership plugin offers comprehensive features including transactions, payment gateways, email & WhatsApp notifications, and more, all in one dashboard.

WeddingSaaS Features Overview

Key Features:

  1. Memberships:
    • Transactions & Payments: Manage all transactions seamlessly with integrated payment gateways.
    • Coupons & Unique Codes: Offer special discounts and track unique code usage.
    • Invoices: Generate and manage invoices for all transactions.
    • Referrals & Resellers: Boost your business with a referral and reseller program.
    • Notifications: Send automated email and WhatsApp notifications.
    • Reminders: Set up payment and membership reminders.
    • User Groups & Content Restriction: Organize users into groups and restrict content based on membership levels.
  2. Manage Posts & Users:
    • Post Expiration: Automatically draft or delete posts/invitations after their expiration date, as set according to the purchased product.
    • User Expiration: Set expiration dates for user memberships, with automatic adjustments according to the membership’s active period.
  3. Tools for Optimization:
    • Limit Revisions: Control the number of post revisions to optimize database performance.
    • Auto Remove Attachments: Automatically delete attachments from deleted posts.
    • Auto Save Interval: Adjust the auto-save interval for posts.
    • Disable XML-RPC: Enhance security by disabling XML-RPC.
    • Disable RSS Feed: Turn off RSS feed if not needed.
    • Auto Delete Draft Posts: Automatically remove old draft posts.
  4. Expanding Feature Set:
    • Over 30 features included and continuously growing.
    • Feature Requests: Users can request new features through the support group, ensuring the plugin evolves with user needs.


WeddingSaaS is a robust membership plugin tailored for managing digital invitations. It combines a comprehensive set of features into one easy-to-use dashboard, helping you efficiently run your business and cater to your clients’ needs. Whether you’re handling transactions, setting content restrictions, or optimizing your site, WeddingSaaS provides the tools you need to succeed.


WeddingSaaS FAQ

1. What is WeddingSaaS?

WeddingSaaS is a membership plugin designed specifically for managing digital invitation businesses. It offers a comprehensive set of features to handle transactions, notifications, content management, and user memberships all in one dashboard.

2. What features does WeddingSaaS offer?

WeddingSaaS includes over 30 features such as:

  • Transaction management
  • Coupons and unique codes
  • Invoices and payment gateways
  • Referrals and resellers program
  • Email and WhatsApp notifications
  • Payment and membership reminders
  • User groups and content restriction
  • Post and user expiration management
  • Optimization tools like limiting revisions, auto removing attachments, and more

3. How does WeddingSaaS handle membership transactions?

WeddingSaaS integrates with various payment gateways to facilitate seamless transactions. It also generates invoices, manages coupons, and tracks unique code usage.

4. Can I send notifications to my members?

Yes, WeddingSaaS supports automated email and WhatsApp notifications to keep your members informed about transactions, membership status, and more.

5. How does post expiration work?

You can set an expiration date for posts/invitations based on the product purchased by the member. Once the expiration date is reached, the post will automatically be moved to draft or trash, depending on your settings.

6. Can I restrict content based on membership levels?

Yes, WeddingSaaS allows you to organize users into groups and restrict access to certain content based on their membership level.

7. What optimization tools does WeddingSaaS provide?

WeddingSaaS offers several tools for optimizing your website, including:

  • Limiting post revisions
  • Auto-removing attachments from deleted posts
  • Adjusting auto-save intervals
  • Disabling XML-RPC for security
  • Disabling RSS feeds if not needed
  • Auto-deleting draft posts
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8. Is there a limit to the number of features in WeddingSaaS?

WeddingSaaS currently includes over 30 features, and the list continues to grow. Users can also request new features through the support group.

9. Can I request new features for WeddingSaaS?

Yes, WeddingSaaS has a support group where you can request new features. The development team regularly updates the plugin based on user feedback and requests.

10. How does user expiration work?

You can set an expiration date for user memberships based on the active period of the membership purchased. The system will automatically manage the user’s status according to the set expiration.

11. What are the benefits of using WeddingSaaS for my digital invitation business?

WeddingSaaS streamlines the management of digital invitations by providing a centralized dashboard with all necessary features. It helps you handle transactions, manage memberships, automate notifications, and optimize your site, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

12. Is there customer support available?

Yes, WeddingSaaS offers customer support to assist with any issues or questions you may have regarding the plugin. The support team can also help with feature requests and provide guidance on using the plugin effectively.

13. How do I install and configure WeddingSaaS?

To install WeddingSaaS:

  1. Purchase and download the plugin from the official website.
  2. Upload the plugin to your WordPress site and activate it.
  3. Follow the setup wizard and on-screen instructions to configure the plugin according to your needs.

For more detailed guidance, refer to the official documentation or contact customer support.



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Manage Your Digital Invitation Business with WeddingSaaS: The All-in-One Membership Plugin

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