Duplicator Pro – Best Site Migration & Backup Plugin for WordPress v4.5.17.3

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CR7 – Duplicator Pro remains the top choice for WordPress users seeking reliable and comprehensive solutions for site migration and backup. With the release of version, the plugin continues to enhance its capabilities, ensuring smooth transitions and secure backups for websites of all sizes. From its advanced multisite support to robust large database handling, Duplicator Pro proves its worth as an essential tool in the arsenal of WordPress site administrators and developers.

Duplicator Pro Features Overview

Multisite Support
Duplicator Pro goes beyond standard single-site functionality by offering comprehensive multisite network backup and migration capabilities. It even allows for the conversion of a subsite into a standalone site, providing flexibility for website administrators.

Large Database Support
With Duplicator Pro, handling massive databases has become more manageable. Users can manually import SQL files, facilitating the support for exceptionally large databases.

Backup Limits
To prevent overfilling storage spaces like Dropbox, Duplicator Pro allows users to set limits on the number of backups stored. This feature helps in maintaining clean and manageable storage endpoints.

Filter Data
The software provides options to selectively backup directories, files, extensions, and database tables. This targeted backup approach ensures that only essential data is saved, making the process more efficient.

Auto Database Creation
During the installation process, Duplicator Pro can seamlessly select existing databases and users from cPanel, or even create new ones. This integration simplifies database management without needing to leave the installer interface.

Easy Plugin Updates
Purchasing a license for Duplicator Pro includes a full year of product updates. Updates are delivered through the familiar WordPress update system, making the maintenance routine straightforward and hassle-free.

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Email Notifications
Stay informed with automatic email notifications from Duplicator Pro. These alerts keep you updated about backup issues, timeouts, or other necessary interventions, ensuring you are always in the loop regarding your site’s status.

Large Site Support
The newly improved package engine in Duplicator Pro enhances its performance, particularly with larger sites. It supports sites over 2GB in size on most budget hosts and can handle sites larger than 10GB on more advanced hosting solutions.

Database File Access
For those times when only a database needs restoring, Duplicator Pro provides direct access to the database file, simplifying the restoration process.

Advanced Options
Duplicator Pro offers a plethora of advanced settings that allow further customization of your WordPress backup and installation processes. These customizable options cater to users who need more control over their backup and migration activities.

Duplicator Pro stands out as a robust tool for WordPress backup and migration, accommodating a range of user needs from basic to advanced levels, making it an indispensable tool for website management.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is Duplicator Pro? Duplicator Pro is a premium WordPress plugin designed to simplify the migration, backup, and cloning of WordPress sites. It streamlines the process of moving a site between domains or hosts and assists in creating backups for emergency restores.

2. How does Duplicator Pro help with website migration? Duplicator Pro allows users to duplicate a live site to a new domain or host seamlessly. It bundles all site files, databases, plugins, and themes into one easy-to-manage package that can be migrated to a different server or location with minimal hassle.


3. Can Duplicator Pro handle multisite networks? Yes, Duplicator Pro supports WordPress multisite network backup and migration. It can also install a subsite as a standalone site, offering great flexibility for managing multisite networks.

4. What kind of backup options does Duplicator Pro offer? Duplicator Pro provides scheduled backups, storage to cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Amazon S3, and the ability to limit the number of stored backups to prevent storage overflow.

5. Does Duplicator Pro support large websites? Yes, Duplicator Pro is built to support large sites. It has been optimized to handle sites over 2GB on most budget hosts and can manage sites up to 10GB+ on higher-end hosting solutions.

6. How does Duplicator Pro manage large databases? The plugin allows for manual import of SQL files, which makes it suitable for managing very large databases comfortably.

7. What are some key features of Duplicator Pro? Key features include email notifications of backup statuses, easy updates via the WordPress dashboard, filtered data backup, auto database creation, and advanced options for customized backups.

8. Is it difficult to update Duplicator Pro? No, updating Duplicator Pro is straightforward. Each license includes one year of product updates, delivered through the WordPress update system, making it easy to keep the plugin current.

9. How do I get started with Duplicator Pro? To get started, purchase a license and install the plugin on your WordPress site. From the Duplicator dashboard, you can manage settings, create packages, schedule backups, and start migrations.

10. Where can I get support if I encounter issues with Duplicator Pro? Duplicator Pro offers dedicated support through their website, where users can access a comprehensive knowledge base, submit support tickets, and find detailed guides and tutorials to help troubleshoot issues.


Duplicator Pro continues to be a highly recommended solution for WordPress users needing robust and reliable site migration and backup capabilities, offering peace of mind and operational efficiency.



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Duplicator Pro – Best Site Migration & Backup Plugin for WordPress v4.5.17.3

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