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Build Your Petition and Fundraising Platform in Minutes with Campoal

Start Your Social Movement and Create Positive Change

CR7 – Campoal is a WordPress theme specifically designed for creating petition and fundraising websites. It allows anyone to easily launch a campaign and mobilize support for a cause they care about.

Key Features:

  • Simple Setup: Create a petition with just three questions – no coding required!
  • Fundraising Integration: Raise funds alongside your petition to support your goals.
  • Social Media Sharing: Spread the word and gain traction through Facebook and Twitter integration.
  • High Performance: Built for the latest WordPress version with a focus on speed and optimization.
  • Easy Customization: Hundreds of options let you personalize your website without needing code.
  • Professional Design: User-friendly interface ensures a smooth experience for both creators and supporters.


  • Save Time: Campoal streamlines the website creation process, saving you valuable time and effort.
  • Empower Change: Make a difference by starting a petition that can lead to real-world solutions.
  • Mobilize Supporters: Easily connect with friends, family, and the wider community to build momentum for your cause.

How it Works:

  1. Create a Petition: Individuals or organizations can launch a free petition with fundraising options.
  2. Collect Supporters: Share your campaign on social media to build support and awareness.
  3. Drive Solutions: Export signatures and present them to decision-makers to advocate for change.

Try the Demo:

Experience Campoal firsthand with their Gutenberg-compatible demo. This block-based editor allows for easy design and optimized page speed.

Login Information:

  • Frontend Demo
    • Username: demo
    • Password: demo
  • Backend Demo
    • Username: demo
    • Password: demo

Start your social movement and create positive change with Campoal!

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Campoal FAQ


  • What is Campoal?

Campoal is a WordPress theme designed to help you easily create a petition and fundraising website.

  • Who can use Campoal?

Campoal is perfect for individuals or organizations who want to start a petition and raise funds for a cause they care about.

  • What are the benefits of using Campoal?

    • Saves time by streamlining the website creation process.
    • Empowers you to make a difference by starting a petition that can lead to real-world change.
    • Helps mobilize supporters by allowing you to easily connect with a wider community.


  • How easy is it to create a petition with Campoal?

Campoal makes it simple! You can create a petition with just three questions – no coding knowledge required.

  • Does Campoal integrate with social media?

Yes! Campoal integrates with Facebook and Twitter, allowing you to easily share your petition and gain traction on social media platforms.

  • Can I raise funds alongside my petition?

Absolutely! Campoal integrates with fundraising tools, allowing you to collect donations to support your cause.

  • Is Campoal customizable?

Yes! Campoal offers hundreds of customization options so you can personalize your website to fit your needs, all without needing to know how to code.

Trying Campoal

  • Is there a demo available?

Yes! Campoal offers a Gutenberg-compatible demo that allows you to experience the theme firsthand. This demo is designed for easy use and optimized page speed.

  • How can I access the demo?

The Campoal demo login information is as follows:

* **Frontend Demo**
    * Username: demo
    * Password: demo
* **Backend Demo**
    * Username: demo
    * Password: demo

Additional Resources

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I hope this FAQ helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.



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