66Uptime – Uptime and Cronjob Monitoring tool by AltumCode 32.0.0

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CR7 – Ensure the highest level of performance and reliability with our powerful, easy-to-use monitoring tool. Designed for versatility and efficiency, this tool provides everything you need to maintain optimal operation of your digital assets.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Comprehensive Monitoring: Effortlessly monitor websites, servers, ports, and SSL certificates. Keep track of domain names, expiration dates, and SSL renewals to prevent unexpected downtime.
  • Global Coverage: Check your monitors from multiple locations around the world including the USA, Germany, and South Africa, ensuring global reach and reliability.
  • Cronjob Monitoring: Simplify how you track cronjobs with easy integration using GET or POST requests. Receive alerts if a cronjob fails or stops working.
  • Real-Time Alerts and Notifications: Stay informed with immediate notifications through email, Slack, Twilio, Discord, Telegram, and webhook options for any incidents.
  • Custom HTTP Requests & Responses: Tailor your monitoring with custom HTTP setups to meet your specific requirements, tracking uptime and response times accurately.
  • Beautiful Status Pages: Create stunning, functional status pages that are public or private. These pages display real-time stats, historical data, and are fully customizable – from domain setup to password protection.
  • Lightweight and Performant: Enjoy a tool that is not only easy to use but also ranks high on GTmetrix, ensuring fast performance without the bloat.
  • SEO Optimized: Our status pages are SEO optimized, enhancing their visibility and accessibility on search engines.
  • Configurable Reports: Opt-in for weekly or monthly email reports summarizing the performance and status of your monitors, keeping you and your team informed.

Why Choose Our Monitoring Tool?


Our tool is built for businesses and developers who demand reliability and precision. It’s self-hosted, giving you full control over your monitoring activities without relying on third-party services. With its robust set of features and user-friendly interface, you can focus more on your core business operations and less on the technicalities of system monitoring.

Start enhancing your system’s reliability and performance today with our top-tier monitoring tool. Visit our website to learn more and get started!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Self-Hosted Monitoring Tool

1. What can I monitor with this tool?

  • Our tool allows you to monitor websites, servers, ports, and SSL certificates. You can also track domain names, monitor SSL expiration dates, and check the performance and uptime of your services.

2. How do I set up notifications for incidents?

  • You can configure notifications through various channels including email, Slack, Twilio, Discord, Telegram, and webhooks. Simply navigate to the settings page in your dashboard, select your preferred notification methods, and customize the alert conditions.

3. Can I monitor services from different geographical locations?

  • Yes, our tool supports monitoring from multiple global locations including the United States, Germany, and South Africa. This feature allows you to assess your service performance from diverse user perspectives.

4. What is cronjob monitoring and how does it work?

  • Cronjob monitoring involves tracking the execution and performance of scheduled tasks (cronjobs). You need to send a GET or POST request each time your cronjob runs. Our tool will notify you if the cronjob fails or stops working according to the specified conditions.
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5. How do I create a status page?

  • You can create both public and private status pages via the dashboard. These pages can be customized to display up-to-date stats, historical data, and more. You can also set up custom domains, password protection, and block search engines if desired.

6. What are the system requirements for installing this monitoring tool?

  • Our tool is designed to be lightweight and performant. It requires a server with standard web technologies (PHP, MySQL) and does not demand significant resources, making it suitable for most hosting environments.

7. Are the status pages SEO optimized?

  • Yes, all status pages are SEO optimized to ensure they are discoverable on search engines, which is particularly useful for public status pages designed to inform a wide audience.

8. What kind of reports can I generate?

  • The tool allows you to configure and receive weekly or monthly email reports that provide a summary of the performance and health of your monitored services.

9. How is this tool different from other monitoring solutions?

  • Unlike many other solutions, our tool is completely self-hosted, which gives you full control over your data and monitoring processes. It’s also designed to be extremely easy to use, with zero configuration needed for most users and a focus on performance and reliability.

10. How can I get support if I encounter issues? – Support is available via email, and for premium users, direct support options are available. You can also access a comprehensive documentation guide through our website for common troubleshooting tips and setup instructions.



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66Uptime – Uptime and Cronjob Monitoring tool by AltumCode 32.0.0

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